ਮੋਗਾ ਬਲਾਕ ਦੇ ਪਿੰਡ

The village is home to the Sangha jat Sikh people and approximately 10% of the population from the Tonk Kashatria clan has lived there since 1800. The village was formerly known as Dosanjh Bhai Ka. There were ruins of an old light tower made of small bricks in the east side of the village in the forest preserve. This light house served as a beacon for the administration of old days. It was said that the lighthouse from Jagraon was coordinated from this place. This forest preserve had so much vegetation and so many huge old trees. Most trees were 'Van' trees. There were many huge 'peapl' and 'bohr' trees in the 1950s. There were so much population of a variety of mammals and birds including peacocks in this sanctuary. All these trees were cut down by the village government in the 1970-1980's.[citation needed]

There was a huge 'bohar' tree on the east side of pond across the old Gurdwara. This tree had so many huge limbs. The diameter of this tree was about ten feet. This tree died in the 1960s. This must have been 500 years old